Library of Spirits was founded in 2013. Our purpose is to build a legacy for all enthusiasts of premium spirits and mixology.

Ardbeg An Oa is een Schotse Islay Single Malt Whisky. Deze heerlijk ronde whisky heeft een romig aroma met notities van toffee, anijszaad en dadels, wat in de mond resulteert in een ware explosie aan smaken zoals melkchocolade, toffee, sinaasappel en anijszaad. De romige textuur van de whisky valt direct op en geeft een zoete kruidigheid weer. De afdronk is langdurig met notities van anijszaad en een subtiele hint van rook. Deze whisky heeft een alcoholpercentage van 46,6% en is niet koud gefilterd, wat betekent dat hij niet is verdund met water en niet gekoeld is, waardoor hij zijn originele smaak en alcoholpercentage behoudt. Normaal gesproken wordt dit gedaan om te voorkomen dat het troebel wordt na het toevoegen van ijs.

 Juniper Bird Schiedam Dry Gin

Juniper Bird gin intricately weaves together the story of the interconnectedness between the Juniper Bird and the Juniper Tree. Rooted in the childhood reminiscences of its maker, O. Ozdemir, this gin is a heartfelt homage to the delicate harmony observed between the bird and the tree. The coastal-Mediterranean backdrop of Ozdemir’s upbringing is vividly captured in every sip of this spirit, which combines not only juniper berries but also rare elements such as oregano and wild pistachio. These unique botanicals infuse the gin with a distinctive flavor profile, echoing the coastal landscape where Ozdemir’s journey began.

The subtle herbal and nutty tones of Juniper Bird gin evoke a sense of nostalgia, mirroring the fragrances and tastes of Ozdemir’s birthplace. The careful blend of juniper, oregano, and wild pistachio offers an unparalleled complexity that harmonizes seamlessly in classic cocktail recipes. Whether enjoyed in a time-honored dirty martini or a contemporary gin & basil smash, the gin’s versatile flavors invite a journey back to the coastal shores where the Juniper Bird and Tree dance in nature’s symphony.



Raki / Pastis / Anis



Library of Spirits was founded in 2013. Our purpose is to build a legacy for all enthusiasts of premium spirits and mixology. For us, it’s not just about selling bottles, but about sharing an experience in what spirits have to offer; enjoying a perfectly mixed drink – alone or with family and friends, grasping the deeper meaning of life. We love sharing our passion with you!

Osman Ozdemir is the founder and owner of Library of Spirits. With his lifelong experience and his exquisite taste in whiskey and premium spirits he has become a true connoisseur. Join him in his passion and life’s work: Library of Spirits!



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